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She lays awake and listens to the silence. To the birds singing outside of the open window, to his soft breathing on her shoulder. She absent mindedly traces his tattoo, and watches as the sky shifts from dark blue to a cloudless sky type of blue.

On the other side of the wall, she hears Jim's voice, softly at first, soothing. It sounds so different, less affected, still thick with sleep.

"Hey Al, it's morning"

Her voice is raspy and raw, she responds with something Christina can't really make out. 

"Water, kiss" 

After that, it goes quiet for a few minutes. Brian shifts in his sleep pulling her with him, and she loses attention for a moment. When she's certain he's back to sleeping soundly, she focuses on the conversation on the other side.

"Where did that come from?"

Silence, and more shifting, as she's probably checking out whatever wasn't there before.

"From you"

She can imagine Alex' piercing stare, looking at him as though he just suggested something really silly.

"Remember when we went jogging in the snow, right before Christmas?"

She giggles. It's so soft and new, Christina thinks she may have imagined it.

"When you slipped on that patch of ice?"

"Only because you had to throw a snow ball"

"It was perfectly made, it had to be thrown."

Christina's mind whirs for a bit, trying to imagine them being playful with each other.

"Well, there must have been a sharp edge or a piece of glass I missed. I came home to change for work, and my hand was bleeding."

"Poor baby"

She giggles again, probably admiring the scar she gave him, beaming with pride.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know" 

There's silence for a while, they're probably kissing. She hopes it's just kissing.

"You know what this scar means?"

"What does it mean?"

"That I always carry a piece of you with me. No matter what happens."

On the other side, Christina softly kisses Brian's forehead, thinking she knows exactly what they're feeling right now.

"Every time I see it, I think how it's more definite then any wedding ring you could have given me."

Brian stirs, and begins to softly murmur her name. She focuses on him, and momentarily, Alex and Jim seem miles away.

Later, when she and Brian head out for the lake, they notice Alex and Jim on the tree swing. She's barefoot and lets the soles of her feet swipe the grass. She sways back and forth, and he gently takes over the ropes to push her higher. She laughs.

Christina wonders how if she's even seeing the same people she works with in the office. They're not arguing, though she catches the words "am not" from where she's standing. 

"Come on, Curious Aggie, leave them alone"

As she looks over her shoulder when Brian leads her away, she sees the one thing no one else in the office has seen. She's just witnessed the reason why they love each other.



It seems that everytime I talk to Ash, I end up writing ConvictionFic. So this is our conclusion for tonight.

I don't own the show. I just talk about it a lot. 


Hee! That's too cute. Love it. And lol, I must feed muses. It's what I do. *smirk*
Aw! Way too cute:)
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